Chickens DON'T have teeth. They pick up stones that go to the gizzard. The stones act as a grinder to aid in digestion. We've picked the perfect size grit mixed with Diatomaceous Earth and Redmond Brand clay for a healthy digestive system. Free Feed in a separate dish or sprinkle on the ground.

It's HERE "Chickie Grit" Just the right size for chicks 2 weeks and older!

Baby Chicks need a crumble complete diet and water. We like Renew Chick Starter

Smart Chicks know...

there's a "Little Farmer" in everyone!

Little Farmer Products Chicken Feed, Poultry Grit and Chick Starter

Yardblendis the perfect whole grain mix to keep your free range chickens in SHOW Quality condition. This blend includes sunflower, safflower, & cod liver oil so that the B-vitamins, phosphorus & protein will give your chickens show feather quality, great muscle development & better egg production. Feed 1/4 lb per bird per day.