​Baby Chicks getting a little farmer started with chickens

Order chicks online or purchase in a feed store. Keep them separate from older hens. If you buy "straight run" there may be roosters, so if you purchase sexed chicks, you'll get hens for laying eggs (at around 6 mos. old or so). They need to start at 99 degrees with a heat lamp then decrease the temp. by around 5 degrees per week until approx. 10 weeks old (be sure there is no draft where you keep them). You can buy your heat lamp online or from a feed store. Buy a baby chick feeder and water so they won't drown in adult size pans. Feed a complete baby chick feed like Renew Chick Starter. It is recommended that you add a chick antibiotic in the water to start. Use newspaper day 1 to 2 on the floor of your little safe pen, then wood shavings. Baby chicks can eat a fine grit by day 3. Keep out predators and have fun watching them grow!

Print our Smart Chick Checklist to get started!

Got baby chicks? You should try it, they are irresistable! You can incubate your own fertilized eggs in an easy to use digital incubator like this one 

Chickie Garden Picnic - A healthy non gmo treat for your chicks with grass seeds and bits of shrimp & mealworm for protein

Chickies True Grit - fine granite grit for chicks over 2 weeks with diatomaceous earth