Smart Chicks know...

there's a "Little Farmer" in everyone!

They're Here ! New treats in shakers, new recipes new Little Chick Grit & Treats ; 

Chickie Garden Picnic - A healthy non gmo picnic for your chicks with grass seeds and bits of shrimp & mealworm for protein

Oyster Sure Shell - just oyster shell with calcium for shell integrity

​Chickies True Grit - fine granite grit for chicks over 2 weeks with diatomaceous earth 

​Shrimp Salad - protein packed with shrimp & mealworms plus health benefits from Oregano, parsley, chili flakes & kelp!

Shake A Shrimp - yummy protein dried shrimp in a reusable shaker

Shake A Worm - Chickens eat protein packed mealworms like candy so get ready to refill your shaker!

​Shake a Bug - a protein packed mealworm, cricket snack, fortified with Oregano & parsley in a reusable shaker

Little Farmer Products Chicken Treats - NEW available at a FEED STORE near YOU!

They're HERE... SENIOR CHICKEN because your trusty old hens need a little extra protein & SHOW CHICKEN you don't have to put your hen in a competition to help make her feathers SHINE!