Coop-Right will help keep your clean chicken coop fresh and healthy. Sprinkle it in the nesting box, place in a pan as a dust bath, & sprinkle on the floor of a clean coop (don't forget the roosting area). The Diatomaceous Earth in this mix is food grade so your chickens can literally eat it. It is a pest deterrent that will help kill fleas, ticks and digestive worms. It will help keep cockroaches and rodents away. When ingested, it has valuable trace minerals. In addition our Redmond Brand Clay absorbs moisture, nuetralizes ammonia and it's safe to eat. Then the Rosemary powder in our mix that smells so great and Pests Hate it!

Little Farmer Products Chicken Coop Care and Cleaning

Time to clean the coop? You'll know when it's time; too many flies, wet areas, dirty eggs. Put your chickens in a temporary pen, we like a fold up wire pen likethis poultry breeders pen

Rake out the dirty shavings or straw (you may want to wear a painters mask and gloves and remember, chicken compost is hot and needs to set awhile before using in the garden). Sprinkle Coop-Right on the ground or floor, in the clean nesting area and roosts. Put clean shavings or chopped straw an inch or two thick. Chickens need some dirt or grass area, but if you don't have dirt, put some Coop-Right in a shallow pan for a dust bath. Bring your chickens back in, smells great, looks good and it's a healthy environment!