Coop - Right has diatomaceous earth to help kill mites & lice

naturally. Redmond Brand Clay absorbs moisture and neutralizes amonia. Rosemary is a natural insecticide and it smells great. All ingredients are safe for your chickens!

Little Farmer Products Poultry Treats

Move your chickens to a

temporary pen and it's best to

where a painter's mask. Then rake out your coop (chicken compost is hot so give it some time before you use it in the garden), sprinkle Coop - Right

on the ground/ floor, nesting box

and roost areas, then add shavings or chopped straw.

We use mealworms, & bugs in our treat mixes not only because your chickens love them ( chickens naturally peck the ground for the protein packed bugs and worms they need in their diet ), but because laying eggs or molting deplete your flock of the protein they need and our bugs and worms have 49 to 51% protein. Laying hens need an average of 16% protein in their total diet.

We've added chili peppers to our Chicken FUN-DOO treat mix because chickens can benefit from the antioxidants and they help eliminate parasites, and the birds aren't bothered by the pepper heat! Chicken FUN-DOO also includes Renew Non-GMO No Soy complete pellet feed so if your chicken spend more time eating treats, like a kid who likes candy, they don't know they're getting a complete balanced 16% gourmet micro-pellet fortified with flax for Omega 3! Wait, but that's not ALL, we have also included peas for protein, sunflower and safflower packed with vitamins and sure to make your poultry feathers shine! 

Poultry treats are just a treat, but a healthy addition to a complete diet and a fun way to interact with your chickens!

   at your local feed store!

Chicken Treats; mealworms, bugs and shrimp are healthy, natural, high protein snacks for your chickens. Laying eggs, and molting, deplete your flock of proteins. Chickens naturally search for bugs and worms to add protein to their diet. 

​Now available in reusable Shakers!

Cleaning your chicken coops;

Smart Chicks know...

there's a "Little Farmer" in everyone!