Cleaning Nesting Boxes; for now we use a basic cat litter scoop to clean our nesting boxes. Keep your eggs clean and don't forget your Coop-Right! 

We like Coop Right in our cat litter too!

We love the vintage feel of these Little Farmer Product nesting boxes that come in red or green! You can get a single, doubles or a quad and hang them in your barn or coop! Got a hen sitting on eggs...extended folding the roost!

The NEW Rugged Ranch Poultry Feeder and Waterers,you won't have to check everyday!

Renew Poultry Complete, a complete, non GMO,micro-pellet feed for your laying hens that includes Flax for high Omega 3's and Oyster shell for shell integrity or go a step further with NON-GMO No Soy

Ask for the New Organic Renew Poultry!

​Chicken products for the busy little farmer