Organic Solutions by

Little Farmer Products

3 NEW Certified organic mixes for your laying hens, senior hens or free ranged flock.

Lovely Lady Booster Pellet

​Increase EGG production with this high protein organic grains and vitamin pellet. Mix 50% with a complete organic feed for healthy hens and organic eggs.

Yardblend is a 100% certified organic whole grain feed with our booster pellet to ensure maximum egg production.

Free Range Scratch certified organic whole grains to mix with a complete feed to stimulate the healthy growth of your flock. You may also soak or sprout.

Smart Chicks Know What Chickens Eat...

The average laying hen diet should include 15-18% Protein, grains, grit to digest the grains if they are not on pasture, 2.5-3.5% calcium. Keep it clean, don't let it get moldy. Offer about 4 inches of space per bird to eat so one won't get left out. Supply clean water daily.

Little Farmer Products Non GMO & Certified Organic feed

Scratchercise; will encourage your chickens to exercise while they enjoy a healthy scratch treat. Not only will your flock love the mealworms, but the additional protein they get will increase their energy which helps with egg production. We also use whole Non GMO grains such as wheat and field peas for maximum nutritional value! Sunflower and Safflower will add protein and make your birds feathers shine! We've included Flax which is another good protein source and high in Omega 3's for healthy eggs.